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scar noun 

Definition of SCAR

1:  a mark left (as in the skin) by the healing of injured tissue
2a :  a mark left on a stem or branch by a fallen leaf or harvested fruit 
~~Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

  The weather here in Georgia has been so nasty that I did not get to take a walk for over a week. Yesterday we went back into the woods and as I always do I look for a life lesson from nature. I love to see the beauty of trees without their leaves. No two are alike. You see the strength in the trees, the age of the trees and I love to see the squirrel nests and the holes in which the owls live. But this tree caught my eye yesterday.....

The scar in this tree is deep but inside it there was no rot and it looks like it has healed.
We all have scare on our bodies from burns, cuts, surgeries, or maybe self inflicted wound. Some fade and some are permanent. They seem to remind of us that yes we hurt but that has healed from the inside out.
 The scars I want to talk about are the emotional scars we carry. They too are so very painful as we are going through them. It can be angry or cutting words from a spouse or best friend and it cuts us to the quick. We allow it to fester and it gets ugly.  It is like putting a band-aid on the sore but not treating the wound. As we all know that leads to unforgiveness and bitterness. Bitterness will poison our lives and the lives of all those around us. It is death.
I am not sure who Ernst Schroder is but he sure has a point for us to think about. We can talk to our Heavenly Father about the pain  we are experiencing and allow Him to help us heal, We can go to friend and have them pray with us and than we have it let it go.
Or we can dwell on the wound and allow it to fester. We can always remember what happened to us and refuse to move on. We dwell on it and it defines us. I do not know about you but I do not want a festering wound to define me. That means the perpetrator wins.
 I will share a short story from my life.....I was in 10TH grade at Kraybill's Mennonite School. We were in our Bible class and talking about being adopted into God's family. I was in the back row and when I saw this teacher looking at me I was filled with fear. I was different because I was adopted and was teased about it quite a lot. Sure enough he said "Donna, tell us how it feels to be adopted". Every classmate turned to look at me. I remember turning red and just wanted to get out of there. I did just that and I failed that semester because of it. As I look back I see that part of the problem was at that age we really do not know who we are anyway and I sure did not like being adopted nor did I really understand it. I did not like that teacher from than on until as a women going through a divorce I talked it out with my wonderful Christian Counselor.She helped me see I just needed to let it go. We talked about the fact my adoption had defined me for far too long. Part of the equation here is that my mom would tell me she only adopted me for daddy or that would tell people she never had children and I was quite young when I would think....what am I a dog? Mom and I never bonded at all. She would tell me I was not her "flesh and blood" and it would cut so deep. I finally saw that because of this when people would bring up my adoption I would build the wall around my heart stronger an higher. I was tired of the wounds. They never healed. They festered. I always was cheerful to others and only a few knew the pain inside of me. I knew what was under that scar and it was not pretty. 
Back in that office with Mrs. Place in Sarasota I finally let it go. She helped me over the next few months to see where it all had infected my life and finally I overcame that festering wound. I remember it but the pain is gone. She helped me see that there could be scars of hope....that just as this scar was healed I now had the hope that all the other hurts in my life could be turned to victory too. 
I encourage you to look at the scars that are festering in your life and turn them into scars of hope. 
What about your scars? Do they remind you of broken dreams, 
harsh words or abuse? Or do you see the  endurance, strength and  notice just a bit of joy mixed in there?
By the way.....this tree is strong and tall. It looks healthy and full of life. I will be watching it when spring comes.

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