Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday....ENCOURAGEMENT

I am joining Five Minute Friday and the subject today is is my 5 minute post....
 To encourage makes it an action word to me.......It is a Biblical mandate.....not a suggestion. It is a gift we so often forget to share.

Encouragement takes our time and I so often see that is a gift so many are not willing to share. We have excuses....we are too busy because our schedule is full.....we are too tired....we feel what we have to share will not matter (a lie from the devil).....I could go an and on with excuses.

 There is a solution and I learned it from my precious mother-in-law (I prefer mother-in-love). You add it to your daily schedule. She would take time off mid afternoon to was about an hour and in that hour she would always write a note of encouragement or make a call to encourage......We all can do that.

 But what I loved was her basket of encouragement. She had a picnic basket that had a pretty tablecloth, cloth napkins, 2 fancy teacups from her collection, several small gifts she made, a tea pot,
several kind of tea bags and all she had to do was add cookies, muffins or yeast sticky buns and some fresh flowers. Her favorite goodies were Southern Tea Cakes and her Orange Blossoms. If she had her famous Coconut Cake (which her brothers called a soon cake because it was so moist you used a spoon) made she would sure include it. I can add recipes if you all want them. She would make a call to a shut-in or anyone that needed her encouragement and off she would go. I went with her several times and what a blessing it was. She would spread that battenburg tablecloth on the bed (or hospital bed table) and they had a proper Southern tea.....the gift might be a bed jacket if they were bed ridden or it might be a bed or walker caddy, pincushion and needle book(if they did hand sewing) or a sachet.
A note here...Nana was a heirloom seamstress and she tithed her time sewing....that meant she used time each day to make preemie gown and cap for an Atlanta Hospital or her gifts to share with others

So here is my challenge to you ..... What will you add to your basket to encourage another person?

 Five Minute Friday


Susan Schiller said...

what an amazing woman your mother-in-law is, and I can only imagine the type of son she must have raised, in your husband!

What a blessed home and a cherished living legacy you have shared here. I can just picture the hospital visits with the picnic basket. Your writing is beautiful - thanks so much!

Paula said...

How lucky you are to have such a wonderful woman in your life. And I love the term mother-in-love

donnag said...

My mother-in-love passed away 5 days before 9/11 but she is still with us because she left us with so many precious memories. Her life was an example of a true Southern Lady that loved God and her family.
Susan, my husband is a loving and caring man because of her.

Lady Dorothy said...

Donna! How fun it was to see you on FMF! I had to hurry myself on over here!

I have always enjoyed your stories of Nana. What an amazing woman. As are you.