Saturday, January 18, 2014


Did you ever have a "come to Jesus" minute after reading a post on a blog or maybe it hits you between the eyes and you know you have to send the devil packing? That happened to me today. I have made a friend that has been an encourager, a teacher and a wonderful writer. She is honest, full of compassion and a lot of fun. Today I was intrigued by a post on FB. I headed over to read it....She writes on her blog called "State of the HEART Living" Caryn Christensen....... Go here and read the post that left me like she was writing it to me...Beware for I believe you too will have a minute like I described.
A Pink Slip to my Editor

I read it about 3 times and wrote this ......"Oh about hitting me between the eyes.....this did....I so need to fire that editor because I keep hearing things like nobody cares about your adoption story or who cares if you have a story about having a daughter in prison and the way mothers all over the world suffer because of this or you are 65 and nobody cares what an old lady has to share.....dare I tell any of these? I just need to do some firing and opening up......Thanks friend!"

Her sweet reply was this....."Oh my goodness! What a scurrilous editor! I certainly hope you fired her and let the Holy Spirit sit in her place! He knows the best way to proceed if we'll only listen to HIS voice. Your story is so important and NEEDS to be told Donna. Tell it my friend, with boldness and assuredness that there are indeed, mama's out there with the same story (different circumstances) that need to hear they're not alone...just as you've learned you're not alone. Love you friend"

Now I have some praying to do and I need advice.....where should I go with my story? They are woven together in many ways and yet separate......Often the adoption story and the journey I am on with my daughter have left me alone and hurting. Part of the issue is I pull away from people when I hurt most and I have found out other mothers do the same.  So my story is important. Actually all our stories are important and worth telling we just need to find the courage to do so. I need feed back....

By the way you will find many stories that are worth reading here....

Be prepared to change.....but we all know change is good. My Editor is fired and now I trust the Lord to help me find my voice.


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