Monday, September 2, 2013


 I have been so blessed by the ministry called GMG or GOOD MORNING GIRLS. This is what they are about...."Good Morning Girls exists to inspire, encourage and equip women all over the world to get into God’s Word through our online community." It works for me!

  One thing that is really important to me is my prayer life. I believe if I do not study the Word of God and listen to my Heavenly Father I cannot have any meaningful prayer life. I learned about prayer as a young child from family members. My father always started the day before daybreak and he faithfully read his Bible and kept a prayer list and prayed. He did that until he passed away.
  My Grandma Shearer was a prayer warrior. As a Mennonite woman she believed in covering her hair and for her prayer time that was a must. My grandpa died when I was very young and so I became the one that spent many a week-end with her and my twin bed was in her bedroom. I would often see her reach into the drawer by her table and pull out a handkerchief and cover her head when she prayed. I was fast asleep long before she stopped praying. I was married and was visiting her for a week and she shared with me she prayed for each of her 3 children for 1/2 hour and each of us grandchildren for 15 minutes each night. That did not account for the time she prayed for missionaries, church and friends. When my children were born and my nieces and nephews too they got added to the 15 minutes a night. Let me tell you this....when my grandma died I missed those prayers! I was going through a crisis and I needed those prayers. That is when I decided I too would devote time every night to pray for my children and my grandchildren and I have to really be tired not to do that. What a example she set!
  I could add teachers and the prayers of friends as examples too. Prayer is not a suggestion for the Christian but it is a command. I see so many people treat it as it is something they can do when they feel like it and it is a "bless me, mine and whomever needs prayer" quick prayer. Some treat prayers a gift list like a child gives Santa Claus and they want that list given to them as they ask for it. Some pray like a fireman that has to put a fire out....there is a crisis and they demand the Lord put out the fire as they want the outcome to be. Few really pray and mean "Not my will but yours be done." That is a hard prayer to pray at times but what peace it brings.
 I believe we have to read God''s Word daily and we need to ask certain questions as we read. Than we have to really pray about that scripture. I have to journal to get that done. I never have like cute formulas to get that done. But in August of this year I found one that works for me. It is from the blog I mentioned. I decided this morning I would take a photo that I took and do this formula on here it is.....I pray some of you may find it useful and also start the study started today called "Living Like Jesus"
Good Morning Girls......Living Like Jesus week 1

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