Monday, September 9, 2013

FORGIVENESS ....more from "The Wall Around Your Heart"

 I mentioned I am on a book launch team for a book called "The Wall Around Your Heart" by Mary E. DeMuth.
This book is changing my heart in so many ways. I want to share a few quotes from this book. These are from Chapter 9  called “As We Have Forgiven Those Who Sin Against Us”  Defy Bitterness
 "Living in unforgiveness is hell. I’ve walked that well intentioned
path. After all, doesn’t the person who hurt me
deserve to pay for his or her sins against me? Shouldn’t that
person come to know the error of his or her ways and fall
face first before me and apologize? When I walk that path, I
assume the place of God, wanting others to come to me for
what only God can grant. And in the process, I close my heart
off bit by bit until it becomes a fortress that no one can scale.
   Unforgiveness is the great isolator. When we obsess over
others’ sins, we swerve dangerously close to preferring our
bitterness to the company of others. It shrinks our world
until it consists of the offense and the offender—even if the
offender has no idea we’re angry. So really, our reticence to
forgive leaves us alone with the sin. The longer we look at
it, coddle it to ourselves, and ruminate on its effects in our
lives, the more we become enslaved. And alone.
   We are not built to carry offense. God designed us for
joyful freedom."

   Talk about a wall.....this sure is a wall builder. Block after block makes that fortress she talks about and who wants to be alone? I have been adding blocks around my wall in the last year. If it were not for John I would be alone and miserable a lot of the time. She mentions we cannot grant to those that hurt us what only God can grant. Mary has a clear way of calling sin just that sin. I need this blount truth. It gets my attention!
    Here are 9 things she shares...I will give you the points but you will have to buy the book to see the truths she teaches.
 "Let’s delve further into forgiveness. What does it look
like? How can we do it? What if it seems impossible? Here
are nine surprising things about forgiveness:
1. Forgiveness Makes You Act Counterculturally
2. Forgiveness Comes When You Fast from the Turmoil
3. Forgiveness Helps You Regain Positive Memories
4. Forgiveness Fosters Empathy
5. Forgiveness Doesn’t Answer Every Question
6. Forgiveness Isn’t Cheap Grace
7. Forgiveness Reminds You of Your Need
8. Forgiveness Emboldens Your Prayers
9. Forgiveness Can Change a Nation"

   This is the third time I have read this book and this part of the book has really helped me to allow the fortress to almost completely fall to the ground. Today I am really praising God for the power of forgiveness. To be honest this has been hard and painful. But each time I read this I see more areas I need to deal with and I do a lot of crying and praying. Spiritual growth is never takes us being honest with our sins, our feelings and that taking the step to forgive without having the one that offended us come and say they are sorry. We do it because it is required of us by our Heavenly Father. It frees us to love....It simply frees us......
   Here is one  "Question for Growth" for this chapter.

 "• What does cheap grace mean to you? How
can offering blanket forgiveness without
repentance hurt someone in the long run? What
is true grace?"

 I really encourage you to pre-order this book. The price is great! 

Check out her site.... 

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