Thursday, September 19, 2013

REAL GRACE.....Mary E. DeMuth

The release of Mary's new book "The Wall Around Your Heart" will be out soon. Be sure to order it!




Take time today to read this important article from      

You will find this article called "Making Time For Me" by Jessica Turner as you scroll down a bit.
This is the place I go to renew, refresh, and meet wonderful women that love the Lord. 

She ends with this question...."What is something that you love to spend time on? More importantly, how do you make time for yourself and this passion?"

I find that I need me time because caring for a 91 year old mother that has a unique Dementia called Lewy Body Dementia hard and at times very lonely. It can be demanding 24 hours around the clock when she has flares. So for me to pull out my hand sewing and stitch gives me time to reflect and renew and feel creative.
                                                Booties I made for my new grand baby Evie

Nature is very important to me and when I get to go and take a walk in our woods I feel so free and love to learn what nature teaches me.

Or simply go to the greenhouse and let this frog entertain me.


I really agree with Jessica...."God uniquely created each one of us with passions that invigorate us"

What do you do to relax?


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


   Before you read what I have to say I suggest you go and read the entry by Liz Curtis Higgs called "Bad Girls of the Bible: Lot's Wife.

    She asked question that really made me pause and it is.
"What would be the hardest person, place, or thing for you to walk away from? If God asked you to do so, for your own good, how would you respond?"

   As I thought about this question I found myself saying...."I am not sure I want to write that". So I did quite a few things around the house to think it out.

  My husband is on disability and we have had a long, winding and steep path to where we are now. There were years of not knowing what we were dealing with and that was met by our frustration, pain and instability.
 I sure an not going to share that whole would be a book but I will share my response to this question. We ended up with just enough to purchase 8+ acres of land with a single mobile home that had to be completely gutted. That was not a problem because my husbands job was maintenance supervisor in gated communities locally and in Atlanta. A hoarder lived here and we had a mess throwing away piles of stuff....let alone it was a location to see meth. It was hard work with encounters from addicts that were not so pleasant.

   The outside cleaned area was rugged but now beautiful. My husband added a greenhouse and aquaponics.
We have a huge tank filled with about 200 tilapia that are ready for harvest. Most of the land is hardwoods and the back boundary is a cold and clear spring fed steam. It is beautiful! A plus to all of this is it was once a home to Creek/Cherokee Native Americans. I have Native American blood and I am so very proud of that!

 What I felt the Lord asked me today is this.....Could you give up the security you feel in having a home free and clear of debt? I argued with Him a bit and it went like this....
  Are you serious Lord?
   Look I settled for much less that I thought I wanted in a dwelling and finally I am content and thankful...
     Where would we go?
         We love this rural life after life in the sure would not send us back there would you?
             I am making and selling jams,jellies,condiments from what we grow and from neighbors....we need
             this income.
               I always asked you to allow me to live where I could learn from nature and this is the answer to
               that request. seemed like there was not an answer. Than a hymn came to my mind and I fell into my Heavenly Father's arms....It was this song. "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go". This song has real meaning to me since high school at Kraybill's Mennonite School. This is the refrain.
     " I’ll go where You want me to go, dear Lord,
       O’er mountain, or plain, or sea;
       I’ll say what You want me to say, dear Lord,
       I’ll be what You want me to be."
  You can see all the lyrics here:

   Yes, this place gives us security, is our bit of heaven on earth, worked by our hands and slowly getting where we want it, is where I am leaning lessons in nature that apply to my spiritual growth, and is home. But I can say now (four hours after I read the question) "God,  you brought us here and if you want us to move on than I will roll up my sleeves for another adventure". And I am at peace!

   How will you respond to the question Liz Curtis Higgs asked?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


 I want to share some of my favorite blogs with you.
Flourish...Living An Abundant &  Satisfying Life: Spirit, Soul & Body
This page will allow you to print off the most wonderful  list of scriptures of Prayers For Women and if you look on the left side you will see you can print off Prayers for your husband, Prayers for your children, 10 Financial Provision Scriptures, 10 Scriptural Affirmations for Kids, 20 Healing Scriptures & a Prayer,
God-Given Purpose Scriptures and Prayers for Your Homeschool. Be sure you visit this blog today and check out her fall crafts too.

Jenny of Elefantz
I love to stitch and my precious friend Jenny offers so many great designs for quilts and all sorts of beautiful items. her E magazine is well worth the price and it is packed with wonderful projects.Jenny is one special lady that loves the Lord with all her heart. She is a wonderful designer! I am proud to call her friend! I suggest you follow this blog. This offer is only for a few weeks so get it downloaded and you will thank yourself for doing it later!

You can find them all here at Craftsy free.

  My children are gone but I homeschooled and my heart is there. I encourage mothers that do homeschool and help them find the many great and free resources on the net. I am going to share a few I love.

This one is called Laughing Kids Learn and this lesson is on making crystals. But look at all she offers.

I love notebooking. I homeschooled 2 boys in Virginia and we used this method a lot. This is a wonderful blog called NoteBooking Nook and you will find wonderful freebies here!

Lapbooking is and was always one of my favorite ways to teach. Bible lessons work out wonderful with this method. This Squidoo Lens has all you need to get started. Read Jimmie's other Lens. You will find so many great links to all methods of homeschool.

I love to cook and thought I would share a blog I love to read and have made many recipes from here. Mennonite Girls Can Cook has some recipes I grew up with but adds the new and fresh recipes also. I would say I cook one of their recipes once a week. Try their bruschetta chicken bake.

I think I will add links once a week for you all to explore.

Monday, September 9, 2013

FORGIVENESS ....more from "The Wall Around Your Heart"

 I mentioned I am on a book launch team for a book called "The Wall Around Your Heart" by Mary E. DeMuth.
This book is changing my heart in so many ways. I want to share a few quotes from this book. These are from Chapter 9  called “As We Have Forgiven Those Who Sin Against Us”  Defy Bitterness
 "Living in unforgiveness is hell. I’ve walked that well intentioned
path. After all, doesn’t the person who hurt me
deserve to pay for his or her sins against me? Shouldn’t that
person come to know the error of his or her ways and fall
face first before me and apologize? When I walk that path, I
assume the place of God, wanting others to come to me for
what only God can grant. And in the process, I close my heart
off bit by bit until it becomes a fortress that no one can scale.
   Unforgiveness is the great isolator. When we obsess over
others’ sins, we swerve dangerously close to preferring our
bitterness to the company of others. It shrinks our world
until it consists of the offense and the offender—even if the
offender has no idea we’re angry. So really, our reticence to
forgive leaves us alone with the sin. The longer we look at
it, coddle it to ourselves, and ruminate on its effects in our
lives, the more we become enslaved. And alone.
   We are not built to carry offense. God designed us for
joyful freedom."

   Talk about a wall.....this sure is a wall builder. Block after block makes that fortress she talks about and who wants to be alone? I have been adding blocks around my wall in the last year. If it were not for John I would be alone and miserable a lot of the time. She mentions we cannot grant to those that hurt us what only God can grant. Mary has a clear way of calling sin just that sin. I need this blount truth. It gets my attention!
    Here are 9 things she shares...I will give you the points but you will have to buy the book to see the truths she teaches.
 "Let’s delve further into forgiveness. What does it look
like? How can we do it? What if it seems impossible? Here
are nine surprising things about forgiveness:
1. Forgiveness Makes You Act Counterculturally
2. Forgiveness Comes When You Fast from the Turmoil
3. Forgiveness Helps You Regain Positive Memories
4. Forgiveness Fosters Empathy
5. Forgiveness Doesn’t Answer Every Question
6. Forgiveness Isn’t Cheap Grace
7. Forgiveness Reminds You of Your Need
8. Forgiveness Emboldens Your Prayers
9. Forgiveness Can Change a Nation"

   This is the third time I have read this book and this part of the book has really helped me to allow the fortress to almost completely fall to the ground. Today I am really praising God for the power of forgiveness. To be honest this has been hard and painful. But each time I read this I see more areas I need to deal with and I do a lot of crying and praying. Spiritual growth is never takes us being honest with our sins, our feelings and that taking the step to forgive without having the one that offended us come and say they are sorry. We do it because it is required of us by our Heavenly Father. It frees us to love....It simply frees us......
   Here is one  "Question for Growth" for this chapter.

 "• What does cheap grace mean to you? How
can offering blanket forgiveness without
repentance hurt someone in the long run? What
is true grace?"

 I really encourage you to pre-order this book. The price is great! 

Check out her site.... 

Thursday, September 5, 2013



   I awoke this morning thinking of Grandma. Than my mind went to her wonderful
cooking and one recipe.......How I miss her. I was closer to her than to my mother.

  I guess I started thinking about her and the mornings....she would be up
before milking and have the coffee going and start the bread for the day. I
can still feel that feather comforter around me(the upstairs of the
farmhouse was not heated) and that soft bed and hearing her sweet voice as
she sang praises to God. They were the old Hymns and sometimes in German.
(Side joke here...when she visited us in South Florida and they put the
praise songs on the wall she told me she did not care of the "Off the wall

  She loved "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow" and "All Hail The Power
Of Jesus Name" and she would be singing these...I think it was her kind way
of waking me up....Sure was better than a crazy alarm clock.

  I remember her being in a "bad mood" several times but that never included
yelling or lack of that "Good Morning Hug and Kiss". She would get what she
called "Heavy" when things were too liberal at church and they were pushing
the Bible "out the door" or the Mennonite doctrines were being lost(prayer
veiling....cape other than brown or black) She seemed to
embrace the men and women sitting together to help with the children (she never
used the word kids because she was not a goat and therefore her children were not "kids")

  She was depressed when Grandpa died at 52 from a brain Tumor. She had to
sell one of the farms and his cows and that was hard on her. But she got
over the depression by helping others but that is another post....

  Back to the recipe I love.....CREAMED CHICKEN AND WAFFLES...for her a comfort food!

  I guess there are some of you who never heard of this. It is very common in Amish country.
We loved having breakfast foods for dinner but they were more savory than
sweet. We also made a hamburger gravy and chipped beef gravy for waffles.
Grandma used saffron in many of her soups and chicken recipes. That is what she asked for for
Christmas or birthday gifts. It is a wonderful addition!

1/2 of a whole chicken
Salt and pepper to taste
1 stalk celery, chopped
1 medium carrot, shredded
1 small onion, peeled and diced
1 bay leaf
Pinch of saffron
3 cans (14.5 ounces each) chicken broth (I usually use broth
from cooking a chicken. I keep broth in my freezer)
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/4 cup cold water
1 batch of your favorite waffles
Heat oil in a stew pan over high heat. Sprinkle both sides of the
chicken with salt and pepper to taste. Add to pan and brown on both sides.
Add celery, carrot, onion, bay leaf, saffron and broth. Reduce heat to low; cover and
simmer until chicken is tender, about 60 minutes. Remove chicken from pot;
cool, remove fat and bones and pull apart into small pieces. Skim excess fat
from the broth. Mix the flour with the water until smooth.
Bring the broth to a slow boil. Add the
flour-water paste gradually, stirring rapidly after each addition. Continue
until gravy is the desired thickness. Taste for seasoning. Add the chicken
and keep warm over very low heat.

Meanwhile, make the waffles according to recipe and waffle iron. If
necessary, place in a 200 oven to keep warm. Serve the waffles topped
with chicken and gravy.

Recipe can easily be doubled using a whole chicken.
Grandma's Recipe for Waffles and Pancakes

3/4 cup white flour
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1 heaping tablespoon sugar
1 well-rounded tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk (add 1/4 cup more for pancakes)
1 egg or 1/4 cup egg substitute
3 tablespoons oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 egg white, beaten stiff.

Combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Combine the wet ingredients.
Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients very slowly.It's important
to just trickle the wet ingredients in while mixing the dry ingredients
vigorously with a fork. It may seem thick but it'll come out just fine.
Once the batter is made, fold in the stiff-beaten egg white.
If you're making pancakes, make sure that your griddle is hot enough so that
water droplets dance. For waffles, you may want to leave
the waffle in the waffle maker until you have a crisp waffle that's still moist
and tender within.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 We had precious friends come to visit us yesterday and they left before lunch today. Here is the story. We lived in Virginia almost 2 years. My dad had just died and mom decided to move from Florida to Virginia where she had dad had once lived. Moms hip shattered and she fell. That is when we found out she had Lewy Body Dementia. One Sat. I felt lonely and was going back up the mountain to our house and I saw a handmade sign with Homemade Baked Good and decided to check it out. I was so thrilled to see it was a Mennonite family and from the moment we met we were friends. Their oldest 2 daughters sat with mom when we had doctors appointments for John and I made felt items to sell at their Market.
 So when they called to say there were coming I was thrilled. Two of them are not living at home but the six kids that are would be here. We live in a single mobile home and so you may ask where would we put 8 people. Not a problem at all. You see I knew we could be ourselves, share what we have, cook what I can and they would be perfectly happy and grateful. Never in my life have I ever been around such energetic, well mannered and respectful kids.
 We decided we would have what the kids would consider treats. We got 3 huge pizzas, I made a  layer salad, a cornbread layer salad, we decided on ice cream cones and fun snacks. These are things they seldom get. The parents were here a bit over 2 years ago but I had not seen the kids. They piled in here with hugs and than "Can we explore the woods", "Where is the creek?", "can we see the fish?"(we do aquaponics in the greenhouse" and "Where is Miss Rachel?" (my mom). So off they went and they would run in and out and report what they saw.
 Supper was fun and than it was games outside that John got them to take on to Florida. We had saved the ice cream cones for after dark and they piled in moms room to watch "Little House on the Prairie" and "The Walton's". They do not have TV and these are shows they can watch. Mom is 91 and she loved having them all in her small room. They waited on her and she ate that up.
 Bed was sleeping bags on a big air mattress and mom and dad on the reclining chairs. Breakfast was a breakfast casserole, left over pizza and juice. We hated to see then go and asked them to come back and stay a week.
 What makes a good guest to you. I would love to hear your comments......I think of several things. They are grateful and you know they are grateful for all your preparations. It is teaching your children ahead of time what is expected of them and what the consequences are if they disregard them. Have them help clean up after a meal or what they have pulled out. These are simple ideas but they mean a lot.
 Did our friends do this....yes and much more.
 We never heard a cross word or tattle. We never heard "I do not like that". They picked up their own dishes and washed them  .....even the 6 year old boy. They offered to take out the garbage, offered me a seat when I came into the living room, they picked after themselves. They asked about what I was doing in my hand sewing and loved carrying on a adult conversation. You may want to know if this was put on behavior....No. They have been taught at home to do all of the above. I have been in their home so many times and yes they will be kids but never disrespectful to each other or any adults. They are homeschooled and part of the teaching is Christian Character Traits and they are taught to apply them. Our neighbor came over and she called me today to say she never has been around such well behaved kids and she could see they lived a simple, grateful and very happy life. We talked about how they love to romp and play outside. They are all talented and encouraged to use that talent. Life is a adventure to them and nobody owes them anything.
 Do you see why they could be welcomed back for a week?
 On our side I believe hospitality should be from the heart. They should not be pretense. You share what you have. You do not worry about what you have to do but rather you prepare ahead so you can make your friends feel special and spend time with them not frazzled or worn.
  Our friends left us with a gift....a special one. They all gathered in our small living room and sang a song in 4 part harmony that simply said thank you for sharing your home with us. Here is a photo of that gift.
And a gift that we love from a master baker.....
Raisin flax seed cookies for John, a Shoo fly pie for mom, homemade bread, a blackberry pie for John, A Razzleberry pie for me and a pecan pie for John and I to special!

Monday, September 2, 2013




 I have been so blessed by the ministry called GMG or GOOD MORNING GIRLS. This is what they are about...."Good Morning Girls exists to inspire, encourage and equip women all over the world to get into God’s Word through our online community." It works for me!

  One thing that is really important to me is my prayer life. I believe if I do not study the Word of God and listen to my Heavenly Father I cannot have any meaningful prayer life. I learned about prayer as a young child from family members. My father always started the day before daybreak and he faithfully read his Bible and kept a prayer list and prayed. He did that until he passed away.
  My Grandma Shearer was a prayer warrior. As a Mennonite woman she believed in covering her hair and for her prayer time that was a must. My grandpa died when I was very young and so I became the one that spent many a week-end with her and my twin bed was in her bedroom. I would often see her reach into the drawer by her table and pull out a handkerchief and cover her head when she prayed. I was fast asleep long before she stopped praying. I was married and was visiting her for a week and she shared with me she prayed for each of her 3 children for 1/2 hour and each of us grandchildren for 15 minutes each night. That did not account for the time she prayed for missionaries, church and friends. When my children were born and my nieces and nephews too they got added to the 15 minutes a night. Let me tell you this....when my grandma died I missed those prayers! I was going through a crisis and I needed those prayers. That is when I decided I too would devote time every night to pray for my children and my grandchildren and I have to really be tired not to do that. What a example she set!
  I could add teachers and the prayers of friends as examples too. Prayer is not a suggestion for the Christian but it is a command. I see so many people treat it as it is something they can do when they feel like it and it is a "bless me, mine and whomever needs prayer" quick prayer. Some treat prayers a gift list like a child gives Santa Claus and they want that list given to them as they ask for it. Some pray like a fireman that has to put a fire out....there is a crisis and they demand the Lord put out the fire as they want the outcome to be. Few really pray and mean "Not my will but yours be done." That is a hard prayer to pray at times but what peace it brings.
 I believe we have to read God''s Word daily and we need to ask certain questions as we read. Than we have to really pray about that scripture. I have to journal to get that done. I never have like cute formulas to get that done. But in August of this year I found one that works for me. It is from the blog I mentioned. I decided this morning I would take a photo that I took and do this formula on here it is.....I pray some of you may find it useful and also start the study started today called "Living Like Jesus"
Good Morning Girls......Living Like Jesus week 1