Sunday, August 25, 2013


  Good Sunday Morning....It is a beautiful day here in Franklin, Georgia. The sun is out, the birds are singing and I am full of Gratitude for all the Lord has given me.
   I love this quote from Mary DeMuth's new book. When you see the many examples in the Word of God where Jesus loves those that hurt Him and His response that you also can follow in His steps. When we turn our hurt over to Him than you feel the healing begin. It seems to be a painful experience because we have to deal with our own negative thoughts toward the person that hurt us. I have found that when I pray for that person and ask God to bless them in a real way I find the negative feelings go away. It seems to me it is than that I also see the good traits in that person and I begin to see them as Jesus does. Often you see real hurt and pain in that person and than you can pray for healing for them.
 I took this picture in Massanutten, Virginia when we lived there.
  Yesterday was a very busy day. We go to market in LaGrange. It is a wonderful time to see friends and make new ones. I sell jam, jelly, hot and sweet Jalapeno slices and Lime Pickles which I cannot seem to make enough. But the big items this season is I make Baklava. At least 3 large pans.
  And we make Beignets there on site and we are busy making these .....people love them. This photo is the samples we share with market customers. I make 7 or 8 batches on Friday.

   Needless to say we are worn out after getting up at 5, packing up, setting up, cooking, taking down and than cleaning it all up at home again. But it is a feeling of satisfaction!

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