Friday, August 23, 2013

 I cannot believe I have neglected this blog for so long. It sure was not my intention at all. To be honest I have been going through a real dry time in my life. Things have happened that have caused me great pain and I was not able to deal with things very in a productive way. In fact I have been building some walls around my heart. Big and thick walls to be honest.
 I became isolated and you that know me know I am a people person and my life has always been a open book. I cannot go into the issue that caused me to be this way accept to say I have a daughter serving time in prison. I did not see this coming at all. Her family was torn apart, a divorce granted and my granddaughter is in another state. My heart broke. My pride surfaced and the first block in that wall went up. I went through all the negative thoughts......where had I gone wrong as a mother.....why did she not come to me.....what went so wrong she had to steal from her church and the lawyer she worked for......did I not teach her morals at all....what would people do I answer their questions.....and with each of these thoughts another thick block went up.
 The questions came because it was on the Atlanta news. Some of my fears came about. Some asked why I did nothing to stop this and I wondered how could I have stopped it. She was grown and lived 2 hours away. Some people just avoid you and that may be because they did not know what to say. Some found it something wonderful to gossip about and you know big blocks went up with all this.
 You all get the picture. If you know any mothers that have children in prison please reach out to them. They need your love and support. They need to be assured you are praying for them and their family. The pain is surely with the moms but it spreads to siblings, nieces and nephews and friends. So many people feel betrayed. Each time I went to the jail to see my daughter I was dismayed and lost and as I looked at the moms and wives sitting there quietly I saw they felt the same way I did and they hurt as much as I do. There is a real mission field there and these parents are from all walks of life. So reach out and show them you love them and so does Jesus. I hugged many a stranger and cried with a few and in that waiting area I found  I could be open and honest for there was no judgement just understanding.
 This takes me to what is helping me tear this wall down. I am part of a Launch team for this book......
We each got a pdf copy of this book and I tell you it is what I needed! Mary has written other books and I surely have learned from them but this one is really hitting me between the eyes just where I need it! I am reading and re-reading it slowly. I am answering the questions and I am praying, understanding much better just who my Heavenly Father is, and praising God as I feel the wall cracking and breaking. Sharing here is going to help me to and I will share this journey with anyone that wants to read it.
 Go here and you can pre-order this book or read a chapter here:

 Be prepared as you read.....Mary writes in the most open way. She shares her struggles and you will want to tear down any walls you have. In the meantime order one of her other books and when you are finished pass it on to someone that may need it.


Rodney Olsen said...

Thank you for your courage and honesty in writing this post. I really hope that you can continue to post and you'll find a group of compassionate bloggers and readers from all around the world ready to support you.

I'm so glad that you're starting to find healing through Mary's book.

Robin in New Jersey said...

This book sounds wonderful but your journey and sharing that journey with honesty sounds even better.