Monday, February 22, 2010


Here’s What’s happening …..

In My Kitchen ….
Spaghetti and meatballs, cheese bread and salad.
With The Children ….. Since I have no children at home I will share what I am doing with the 2 boys I home school.

We are still working on The American Revolution lap book. For Bible we are doing the Armor of God and of course math. The oldest does English and Word Building too. My biggest concern is they have never been made to read and they can hardly do it.
What I’m Reading …
In the book "The Committed Life" I read the Chapter again called "The Holiness of Time". I thought I would share a few comments....On people getting older she writes...."so tell people to study while they have the energy and the tools with which to learn G-d's wisdom."
On the same page she writes: "Time is the most precious gift that G-d gave us, yet we abuse it the most." To me the Gift of Salvation is the Salvation is the most precious but I get what she is saying here.

On Ecclesiastes where time is talked about she says: "A time to weep, a time to laugh....When your pain is so overwhelming that you can no longer go on, then bear in mind that the same G-d who designed your time of sadness has also made provision for your time of laughter."

I am 61( and proud of it) but the one thing I know is that time is indeed precious.
What I Have Been Learning …
Life gives us many rough bumps and that is OK. I am one that firmly believes we are stronger because of the bumps. Maybe watching the Olympics has helped me see again that
we have to try and than try again. What strength and grace we learn from hard times.

On The Back Burner of My Mind …. I had many mentors or teachers in life. My Aunt Emily was
one of them. To so many students she was known as Miss Kraybill but to me a precious great aunt. She lived with her two sisters......Fannie and Elizabeth. Their home was a wonderful and peaceful place to me as a child.

The top picture is Aunt Emily in the back and Aunt Elizabeth sitting on mom and dad's patio in Sarasota. There was a beautiful lake and that is what they are looking at.
The bottom pictures really show how Aunt Emily stayed so young. The one of her with a coat on is at the Retirement Home in Lancaster. The other is a school picture from many years before. I believe she kept peace in her heart and enjoyed each minute she had. She is one lady that did take time to small the roses along the way. She always had a grateful heart and a helping hand. I believe things kept her young at heart. Of course teaching school for over 40 years kept her young too. I know I will share more about her with you all. She is the one that taught me "Joy"

*J-Jesus first
*O-Others next
*Y-Yourself last
*That equals a joyous life.

Thank You Aunt Emily.
In The Deepest Darkest Recesses ….
I want to be joyful in all things. But I struggle with it. I believe I have learned to be content with life and accept it but I feel I have a long way to go when it comes to being joyful. My head understands joy but my heart struggles at times with it.....I wonder why....

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