Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here’s What’s happening …..

In My Kitchen ….
John made he and I the best pizza....he loves to cook. Of course mom did not want that and so I made her a toasted cheese sandwich, tomato soup made from V-8 Juice, and gave her pudding I had made earlier and than she wanted me to go and get chips for her too. She will come come out to eat but I have to fix 3 trays for her a day....She says she gets jealous of John and I but to others she says I cook too spicy....so go figure....That is just life right now.

With The Children ….. Since I have no children at home I will share what I am doing with the 2 boys I home school.
Nathaniel worked in his books doing catch up and a few new pages. Ryan did his sentences and worked on his lap book. After lunch we went over it and that I took him to the following site....since they have no TV this was a great treat for him!
George Washington's World for Kids

For a stiff-lipped Founder of the United States, George Washington led an awfully exciting life. Soldier, farmer, statesman...he was even famous for his love of dancing. On this new website, discover the real Washington at home and at war. Explore a 3D Mount Vernon in search of artifacts that reveal the many facets of the man. Play the harpsichord in a rhythm game so he can dance with his beloved Martha. And serve as gun captain at Washington's moment of greatest military achievement, the siege of Yorktown.

What I’m Reading …
I am still in "The Committed Life".
One chapter I read over and over is the one on gratitude. When John's mother was with us and in the last stages of dementia....the "Big A" as we called it.....I had a hard time cleaning up after her. That was when I began the daily journal writing that I called My Gratitude Journal and for several years posted them. At first I could hardly write 5 things I was thankful for but soon it started to roll and I had no trouble cleaning up after her. My whole outlook changed....My heart changed.

"The inability to express gratitude has many ramifications and is perhaps one of the reasons there are so many bitter people around. People who cannot acknowledge kindness always find something to grumble about, something to criticize. They make miserable marriage partners. tyrannical parents, and selfish friends.......No matter how much they indulged, they are never satisfied. They just keep taking without feeling a need to give back.

By Taking moments each and every day to focus on G-d's gifts, by thanking Him for His many kindnesses through blessings and prayers, and by saying thank-you to those who are near and dear to us, we can acquire the attribute of gratitude".

I cannot add anything more to that.
What I Have Been Learning …
More family history....digging in a few boxes. I think this came from Aunt Emily. It is a family gathering...The Aunties parents, Their Brother Amos and Mabel in the back row. Than my dad's father B Lehman and his wife Bertha (my grandparents), Aunt Fannie, Aunt Emily, Aunt Elizabeth. I have to guess about the children....My dad is the second child on the left. Maybe some of you can fill me in with the other 3. (I think one is Edward and Elizabeth but who is in the carriage?)

I never knew my grandfather. He died when daddy was young. That is when daddy and Uncle Ben went to live with the Aunties and their grandparents. Aunt Rachel lived with her mom who cared for her parents. So to me the Aunties were the best 3 grandma's under one roof that a girl could have!
On The Back Burner of My Mind ….
A longing to go to the Kraybill Reunion in July at Mount Joy, Pa. I need to go and see family. It has been 20 years since I have been there. I miss the place I grew up....The fun part it is at the school I attended for 10 years.....Kraybill Mennonite School. I hate to get my hopes up with mom to care for and John's health.....I wish....I pray....I long to go.

In The Deepest Darkest Recesses ….
Dare I say it? I want relief from the 24-7 care of mom. I need to get out at times. It can go a month before I get to go anywhere. My knees keep me from driving in the winter months and so John does the running. Someone has to be with mom. It tires me out and I have to remember the word gratitude many times a day!


Kathy said...

Donna, you are an angel to take such good care of your Mom. Hope you can keep up your strength and energy for the job. Also hope that it works for you to get to the Reunion. I am also hoping to go, will just be just the 2nd time in 30 years.
I've been studying the picture and think the baby in the stroller must be my dad, Herb. It could be baby Daniel who died near his 1st birthday, but since Mabel has her hand on the stroller and Bertha isn't near it, I think the child in it is Mabel's.
I just love seeing these old photos. What a treasure trove you have!

Kathy said...

I forgot about the other kids in the pic: from left I think it's Libby, Herb, Arthur and Ed. The caption says that Lehman took the picture. Must have been a delayed shutter release type of thing, which sort of blows my mind seeing that it would have been about 1923!