Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is the home we are renting in Massanutten, Virginia. We are about 9 miles out of Harrisonburg, Va. The community is a resort and I simply love it here. The trip to town is through such beautiful farms and on each side at beautiful mountains. The daffodils are blooming and some Red Trees are blooming. I sure missed Spring Flowers!

This is a picture taken from our bedroom window. We are on the second floor so mom can have the bedroom on the main floor.

A look into our living area and Sparky too...

We are here because mom needed us to move here since her fall. It is a bittersweet time for me. Mom also has some dementia so each day we have is precious. I have lost dad just this year and I am not ready to have her gone too.

She was only home one night since she shattered her hip on New Years Eve. She developed problems and was back in the hospital and now rehab again. Say a prayer for her.

I think I need to share with all of you how I feel about caring for our parents. I guess the old ways the Mennonites did things still has value to me. One of them is caring for our parents in our homes. This does not work for many but I want to do this. I learned the value of it when we kept John's mom who also had dementia. We also had his Uncle at that time who was dying from COPD and Uncle Joe taught me more about cooking (he was a chef all his life) and accepting life as it comes. Nana taught me that life is full of beauty....she loved anything beautiful. When she no longer knew me I saw how caring for her was a gift to my husband. This precious woman gave birth to the man I dearly love and the best gift I could give her and John was for me to serve her in love. I have never regretted it. It sure was a tough trips over and over...anger....but on the other side of the coin John and I became closer.....John's humor and music got us through along with the prayers of friends and family. It was stressful.....By the way here is a quote for you on stress by Carol Luebering:

"Stress, when properly regulated and channeled, is one of life's most positive energies."

Think about that...we so often want life to be a bowl of cherries....why? We sure do not grow during the easy fact we so often get lazy with our prayers and even reading our Bibles...and so often just care for our own families. It is during the stressful times that we see the suffering of others and we reach out and learn life is for sharing all we have with those that need it more. We also gain strength in what we believe and understand the meaning of prayer. Fore refines us and we come out stronger and richer for it.

John has been busy getting moms room ready for her and her bathroom too. Now he is painting the dinning room and kitchen. He enjoys the detail work. While I run to see mom each day he works here. We try to take Sparky to see mom 2 nights a week. That makes her happy.

As soon as she is home and seems more stable he will be really looking for work. I know this is an awful time for finding employment but feel the right job will open up when it is time. I also feel God will honor him for all he has to give up to have mom here. But he is loving and supportive and wants to do for my mom what I did for sweet!

Hold your parents tight if you have them......treasure their clear minds and also love and care for them when they are weak and need you. Make memories with them....visit them whenever you can...even if it means sacrifice......They are precious gifts to us.


A Gracious Home said...

I agree with you on caring for your parents. I stayed with my Dad for three months when he was dying of cancer. He had the kind that we only had three months with him when he found out he had it. This was one of the great joys of my life. Mama and I would sit with Dad on the bed or later on by his hospital bed and watch Southern Gospel music videos. That's what he loved. He want Christian music played at all times. We bonded more then than we had my whole life. God bless you, Doylene said...

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Hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day. Stay safe and well. Hugs.