Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am thankful for:

A beautiful and sunny day....

The beginning of a new craft room.....

My family....

God's Grace


We have had rain for so many days it seems and to awake this morning and see the beautiful clear skies and the mountain range in the distance began my day praising the Lord for all He has created for you and me to enjoy. How I love nature but I am also reminded I am to care for nature. That is a awesome assignment for each of us. So what will you do today to help the environment?

We have 2 huge bed rooms upstairs and of course one is ours and the other is a guest/craft/ family room. On the back side is one built in desk and that is for my card making.....than John found a great old desk for the large wall for my sewing with a wonderful workspace. He will be putting shelves over that for my felts etc.....I am excited. Than there is room for our TV, a sofa bed and 2 smaller recliners, a coffee table, bookshelf etc and it is not a bit come on and see us!

My family keeps me going....I think the kids have no idea how much it means to have a quick call or to listen to me in the middle of loss and pain. Mom is indeed going down hill mentally. We have been telling her for 2 weeks she will come home on April 4Th. Today I called to check and she had packed to come home tomorrow. Of course I had to tell her no and did she ever throw a fit! Things were flying and she was crying.....John could hear it all and I was trying to tell her that was a short time if she looks at the amount of time she has been in hospitals and rehab. That made her madder.....what a mess. Than I reminded her we are taking her out tonight. That calmed her a bit......John saw the pain and it scared him a bit......but he is here and he is steadfast in doing this for mom.....we did it for his mom.

My extended family helps too with calls and love and for that I am grateful.....

Grace....what is grace mean to you?

It may mean beauty and a graceful lady.

It may mean something you say at the table.....a prayer.

It may mean respect and your grandmother "graces" your table.

Or it may mean a time period of someone showing you mercy.

These all make me think and I can call up a memory for each statement I wrote. I know graceful Aunt Miriam comes to my mind or Aunt Emily....

We always said Grace at the table....sometimes it was a song we song together...I remember that at the Aunties for holidays....

I so wish my dad could "grace" our table again. I needed him this week and would you believe for the first time since we are here I drove out and talked with him....standing in the rain and yet I felt some comfort.

I have needed mercy this last year....over and over again. John losing his job and a huge move, dad dying, mom falling and another move and still no work. At times I am so overwhelmed and simply want to stay in bed. I have only missed 2 days in my daily visits to mom and that has been a chore. Remember I am a homebody! I have developed a way to is a 20 minute drive between the 2 mountain ranges and I praise God for things along the way and pray for friends and family as I drive....I have simply quoted scripture as I drive. I do all of this aloud and it is a real time of worship for me.

But I have missed swap guidelines, forgot to call or send things I promised, come home and tell John I just cannot cook....and for most I have had people understand. Since I am a person that does what they say I have conflict within myself for not being able to be all things to all I love. last week I was reminded of my forgetfulness and I cried most of the day....this is not like me but I saw I had two options.....go and get meds so I can do all or simply accept I cannot. It was a struggle for me. I have not been kind to myself at all.

That I read an article about God's Grace......The Author said there is nothing common about

God's grace. and I am going to quote him and will give the link at the end of the quote:

" was recently having dinner with a friend of mine in Nashville: author and speaker, Jerry Bridges. He is one of the most profound Bible teachers of our day and his books reflect his deep love for the Lord and His Word. When we were discussing this issue of grace, he gave me a tremendous illustration to communicate the difference between providential benevolence and God's grace.He said,
A hungry hobo comes to your door asking for a meal. You give it to him freely, without him doing anything to earn it. This would be considered ‘kindness’, not ‘grace’.

Biblical correct definitions of grace would be: 
1. Grace - ‘God’s favor through Christ to those who deserve His disfavor.’ 
 This version is designed to compare/contrast the historically accepted inadequate definition of grace above.

 Or 2. Grace - ‘God’s blessings through Christ to those who deserve His curse.’ 

 This is the better of the two definitions.

To illustrate this Jerry went on in using his example of the hobo. He continued by saying,
The hobo robs you after eating your free meal. He then returns one month later. Instead of calling the police, you give him another meal.

Key components of the definition:
 1. Christ is the only basis for both our redemption from the curse and our attaining any of God’s blessings. 

2. We have assaulted the holiness of God, but yet have been His grace. Back to our hobo, this takes us from seeing ourselves as the hungry hobo to seeing ourselves as the robber.

IOW, grace is ‘God in action.’ Grace is not just a benevolent attitude on God’s part to all people. Grace is always ‘God in action’ for our good and for His glory. 
every time the Bible mentions ‘grace’ it is always associated with ‘God in action.’ He is: saving us, justifying us, empowering us, sustaining us, equipping us, etc. ‘by grace.’


I encourage you to read all the article....I am still doing my journal on this part......

I like the "God in Action" part.....that excites me and fills me with hope. I have taken from this one thing.....I want to be a woman of action for the Lord. It gives me lots of ideas but the most important part is that I read His Word daily and pray and listen to Hid voice to tell me what action I need to take.....that will be the challenge for me.....

How will God's grace move you to action this week?

Share your ideas.....

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Today, I am thankful for my health and family and the ability to meet good people through blogging.