Friday, December 19, 2008


I did not decorate much for Christmas this year. That is OK because we have up the things we like best. The Poinsettia carries so many memories. We did not have a tree as I was growing up because the Mennonite Church was strongly against them. How I longed as a child to have one. To this day that rule makes no sense to me. But we did have Poinsettia plants and so that says grandma's house, the Aunties home and my home and brings back fun holiday memories. When I moved to Florida as a newly married gal at 19 I remember with wonder the beauty of huge Poinsettia plants growing outside homes. I managed to grow a nice large one outside and I enjoyed it a lot. If dad was where we lived he would buy one for me and so that makes this small one remember him with a lot of love.
The Nativity is my very favorite symbol of Christmas. Before we lost all our things in Florida due to the toxic mold I have a set for each room. My favorite was my Fontanni Set that I had added to whenever I could. My goal was to be able to set up the Bethlehem and all. But that was not to be and I say these things are "gone with the mold". I love these because I could allow the kids and grand kids play with them and act out the story as often as they wanted. I have a set I did paint out of ceramics for mom and dad as a Christmas gift 25+ years ago. They decided not to use it anymore 3 years ago. I do put it out but in this last move the stable was broken and so I decided it will come out next year and will create one during this year. So the one you see was John's mothers set. (She was crazy about the 3 Wisemen). I had given this to mother to use but she decided she did not want it last year so that is on the mantle. Foe fun I suggest you read this page. It tells how to set up a Nativity set.
Than our tree. It is a love tree. When we lost all out things email buddies sent me what is on the tree. I can sit and look and remember who gave me what and I love each one. A box of ornaments I made were at moms and so I do have some from 35 years ago and they remind me of the kids and the fun we had at Christmas. A tree to me is really a memory tree. I have never wanted to go out and but the latest fad for trees or the "new" colors. I always hoped it was one the kids, friends,the grand kids, John and myself could look at and remember the times we spent together. If I could so one from scratch I would want it to have white lights to remind me Jesus is the Light f the World, Stars that tell us the Wise men followed the star, gold to remind me Heaven is paved with gold and Crystal for the light to bounce off of and that reminds me that Jesus is the Light but we must reflect Him in our lives,,and ornaments that represent Jesus. I want to create Chrismons.
Ideas to make them:
Than I would add the Jesse Tree ornaments.
the above is for kids
this one is also printable:
I think I will try to create mine from felt and embellish them some.....Maybe I will begin as soon as a paycheck happens. I love to work with felt.
Remember Christmas is Christ and Christ is Christmas.....

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Merry Christmas to you and your family, Donna.
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