Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A Week ago I brought the last blooms in from my hydrangea bush because we were to have freezing temperatures the next morning. The bush is sheltered but I knew if I want to enjoy them I needed to bring them in. I have always loved these flowers. They take me back to my childhood.

A wonderful thing happened last night to me. I have been a bit down in the dumps the last few weeks. John still has not found a job and things are worse than tight for us. What we had put back will be gone with this rent payment and fear crept in. I guess fear cripples me and makes me feel alone in this battle. The phone rang and I was so happy to see it was my Uncle Ben and Aunt Miriam. (This is dad’s brother) Now for you to understand the happiness this brought me you will need to walk down memory with me.

As a child I loved and looked up to Aunt Miriam. She was never tied up with the legalistic dress code of the strict Mennonite church and so she always looked like a real “lady’ to me because she was always as neat as a pin (whatever that means) but it was her loving personality was what drew me to her. When I got a hug from her I felt so loved and so safe. She and Uncle Ben had 3 kids and the memories I have with them would take too many posts to tell. Just know they had and have real character and compassion and a deep love for the Lord today.

To go to Aunt Miriam’s’ house was to go into a “House Beautiful” photo. I remember the farmhouse they lived in and there was a ball diamond by their house that afforded a lot of fun to me. Than they build a new house and if I closed my eyes I could give you details of each room…how I loved that piano and th art in the living room. The kitchen and dinning room drew you to them. If it was a family dinner her table was set to perfection and that beautiful cranberry glassware put it over the top! The meal was always perfect and it was here I took lessons on how to be a perfect hostess.

It was a comfort to me to go there and stay when I had to attend my grandma’s funeral. Crystal and I were treated like royalty and let me tell you about that breakfast…my favorite and one of her specialties…chipped beef on English muffins.

With these few examples I know you understand why I brightened when I saw their names on the caller ID last night. When I heard Uncle Ben’s voice I was so comforted because he sounds so much like my dad. When he laughed I felt a healing for a broken heart begin to heal. His laughter took me to many times I heard that hearty laugh from my dad. We talked about good times and bad times but again their understanding and love was a healing balm to me. You see because of our hardships I so want to talk to dad. He was my rock here on earth. His faith was unshakable and taking to Uncle Ben I heard that same deep belief in a powerful and loving God. I have found it very easy the last years to share some of the hurts I felt growing up with them and it has helped me to see they were not hurts in my imagination but some they saw too. My adoption often made me feel a bit outside with some family members but with them I never felt a bit different. I never once felt I did not belong to the family in their presence.

Don is their oldest and I have had to call on him several times in his profession to get just a bit of help with hardships John faces. He too has that wonderful compassion and deep love for the Lord that draws you to him. We have seldom seen each other over the years but 3 years ago he brought his dad to see my dad and we had wonderful visits together. He also has that hearty Kraybill laugh that just warms the soul. I see both his parents in him and know his children also have the wonderful values he was brought up with.

This October at Dad’s memorial in Harrisonburg, Va. I had the privilege to spend some precious time with their daughter Joy and her husband and again I was simply astounded that she too is a wonderful bled of her parents bit surely a woman in her own right. Her husband Wayne is just as loving. I know I sure do not want to lose contact with her again.

So on this Thanksgiving Week I want to share how thankful I am for Uncle Ben and Aunt Miriam for their love and support all these years. I think we seldom know how we touch each other’s lives. I also think we seldom remember to thank those that gave us the moments of sanctuary and genuine love we needed. So today I look at the flowers I brought in and the call from them last night and I feel loved and my heart is singing a song of praise to the Lord for the family he gives to us.

Thank you Uncle Ben and Aunt Miriam for the gift of time you gave me last night!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Maybe you to need to write or call a family member this week and let them know you love them. I tell you it makes a difference!

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Homespun Simplicity said...

Oh, Donna, what a beautiful post. Isn't this just like the timing of God? He had your aunt and uncle call you at just the right time. I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless,