Monday, October 6, 2008


I have been working on a poster for Dad's memorial service in Harrisonburg, Va on October 11.
Of course I wanted to make it special because dad was special. After a lot of thought I decided I would make it a 3-D poster. I knew it would be a lot of work but committed to doing it. In the middle of working on it we had to make that unexpected move and I seemed swamped but I would not give in and I am glad I stuck it out.

The pictures do not really capture it very well. It seems alive when you look at it. I started with his grandparents and finished with color pictures of more recent shots.

It was a bittersweet times as I cut the tears flowed other times I found myself singing hymns dad loved. Dad loved the songs "To God Be the Glory" or "How Great Thou Art" and the Chorus "Heaven is a wonderful place". He had a clear tenor voice and sang in many Mennonite men's music groups and late as his 82 birthday and his voice did not crack at all. I also used the hours involved in this process to pray for my mom. She is not doing well at all. I try to understand how it must feel to have your husband die after 65 years of marriage. He was my dad for 59 years and I feel the whole in my heart....but that is not the same as 65 adult years together. If you think of her say a prayer.

We will be leaving here on Friday. There will be a short service when we place his ashes in the vault for the family and than the Memorial service at 2. His brother and family as well as sister and family will be there and mom's brother and family are coming also. It is the University's homecoming for what was EMS(Eastern Mennonite School) at the time mom and dad graduated from there and so more of their friends will be attending that come down for the services.

We ask you to pray for us as we travel for for peace and joy as we celebrate dad's life.

You can see my 3 "Aunties" on the beach and that is in Ocean Grove, NJ. That was a favorite place to go every summer for me as a child too.
Dad had courage and if you look at the bottom you will see him standing with the brace he had to wear after his hard time with polio. Dad never complained and never talked much about the pain and fight back. I think he was handsome in his Graduation picture at the top.
The top pictures are family. The first is 3 cousins and dad's sister Rachel, Dad and his brother Ben. Since than 2 of the cousins have passed away. The next is his family. My Uncle Luke passed away recently. (He is the middle Uncle.)

I hope you all enjoy a peek into my family. God has blessed me with a rich and Christian foundation.