Wednesday, September 17, 2008


There are times in life when things come at you that you did not see coming. This is one of them.

My husband was let go just over 2 weeks ago. In the apartment business you face having to move in 10 days. So you lose your job as well as the home. We were faced with what seemed impossible. These questions went through our mind.....where do we go, what will John do, how do we decide this in a few days and than get moved?
We felt we needed to move back to LaGrange where we have 2 kids and their families. On the day the packers were at the house we still had no about a panic! John was in LaGrange looking and a friend and I were in Atlanta......Early in the afternoon he secured a wonderful little house in city limits but really in a country setting. When the movers and Jane and I pulled into the driveway it felt like home!
I failed to mention the company he worked for paid for the packing and move because they had our apartment rented before we were out. They did not get all the packing done the first day and had to bring a load the next day. I stayed home to unpack and John went to let them in.....
God provided just what we needed......I love nature and as you can see on the first picture we are on a pond and have an acre yard. I have watched a Kingfisher drive in for a fish and bring it out.
Soft shell turtles sun bathe on the logs as ducks swim by checking them out. we have a Little Green Heron fish as a Great White Heron is at the other end of the pond. Song birds are all around us. What a treat to wake up to nature!

This is the front of the house that overlooks the pond.
You enter through the side door into the office or through the sliding glass doors from off the carport that lead into the dinning room.

I love my country kitchen.......can't wait to get cooking in it. As of now there are only a few boxes left and I will have that all cleaned out by the end of the day. John has been going room by room and decorated and arranged furniture so all could fit in. I will take pictures when we are finished.
We still have no real leads on a job. With my husbands narcolepsy and still learning what his limitations are we ask that you all pray for us and for a job that is less stressful for him. I feel we are in a place to heal and for him to sharpen his photography skills. God is good and I know he knows just what we need.


Purpleflowerpatch said...

Donna, I am so thrilled for you!! Once again the Lord has provided beyond what we can imagine!
Hug John for two are so dear to my heart. I love you dear friends!!

deborah said...


I am so thankful for all the blessings God is bringing your way. Your faith continues to show me where I lack, and encourages me to grow. I love you, and thank God for you!

Gombojav Tribe said...

How lovely!

Lady Dorothy said...

God is so good! What a beautiful setting!

Amy J said...

Praising God for His continual, incredible care of you and John. What an awesome little "nest" He has provided for you both!!


Homespun Simplicity said...

What a lovely house! Isn't it amazing how the Lord works things out for us? He is so GOOD. Bless you,