Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I sure had one special Sunday! I seldom get to see my daughter and family although they live about 2 hours south of here. I sure miss them but understand life is really busy with 2 teens. Crystal still works 2 jobs and that keeps her busy. So when she called and asked if I wanted to help her and Skyler find a prom dress I was thrilled. I told them I would make a good lunch and than we could go. It was agreed that Nicole and Zoe would meet us at the Bridal shop. So for the first in several years I would have my “girls” to have a girls day. John offered to drive us up and that made us happy.

They arrived about 11 AM and Skyler brought a good friend along also. John had made a marinade and pot the pork tenderloin in it over night. Than we finished it off on the George Foreman grill. I also fried some panko crumb coated shrimp. Both meats were great. I made baked potatoes and had all they needed to do loaded baked potatoes and the girls sure did that! I did some fresh creamed corn and made biscuits. It was a good meal. I had set the table in my favorite green swirled pottery dishes, green glass goblets and good tableware. You know family deserves our best!

We headed out for the Bridal shop…David’s. It was a busy day there and she tried dresses like a trooper. I had misty eyes several times. We finally selected one…in fact it was the last one she tried on and we all knew it was the one and when she said she felt like a princess we were sure! You can see it here and if you hit the second color block you will see it like she got it.


Skyer is a very special young lady to me. I remember the day she was born…New Year’s Eve. I cut the cord and what a special time that was! John, Nicole waited outside the birthing suite waiting to hear her cry. Than Nana brought Ryan and he was so disappointed until he held her…Skyler was to be a boy we were told but that was not to be. Ryan asked Nana if we could send her back to God and get a boy? But the minute she was in his arms he loved her and since they lived with us that was a good thing.

She was a child that loved to snuggle and have books read to her and I loved doing that , She retained what she heard and startled John one day as they went by a swampy area when she at 3 told him that was stagnant water and why it was that way. By 4 or 5 she knew every shark in the books and all the facts about them. She was a wonderful child and I delighted in keeping her. As I look back I see these were among some of the best days for John and myself. She loved her Pa and I was called “Don”.

Now she is a brilliant young lady that has been accepted at University at West Georgia.

I want to go back to the shop and my thoughts as I sat and watched “my girls”.
I remembered the day each of them was born and the joy I had when I held them for the first time. They were good babies that have turned in beautiful young women. Crystal is working as a secretary for the narcotics division and also helping her old boss keep his book at an appliance center. She juggles the schedules of 3 busy kids. Her smile is as beautiful as the first day I saw her smile and her giggle tickles me to death. She did her best not to let any tears show Sunday but it was just beneath the surface and as a mom I saw it.

Nicole is a great mom and a real take-charge gal! She could say to Skyler what the rest of us could not and say it in a way that was almost comforting. She also has a laugh that warms me to the core. I love a hug from my Nicole. Zoe is so blessed to have her as a mom. Nicole works for an attorney and does some at home and some at the office. That is when I get to keep Zoe. She can fit more into a day than anyone I have ever met and still stay on top of things. She too is a good cook and taking a course on decorating cakes. How I love a hig from my Nicole!

So I watched and remembered and also saw them with their daughters and I was content.
God has been good to me as a mom. I wish I could spend more time with them but instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided a long time ago to treasure each minute I have with them and make memories.

We raise our children so they can live a life that brings happiness to them. I want them to have their own traditions and to enjoy each of their kids just like I did. I miss them but I sure am glad that they have homes and families of their own to enjoy.

Several weeks ago I found this poen and I will end with it.

© Debra L. Cash

My beautiful daughters, I was blessed with two of you...
You will never know how proud I am of all the things you do.

You came into my world, so tiny and so small...
And I was in awe at the wonder of it all.

Then you placed your little hand in mine...
There was no denying, my heart was yours 'til the end of time.

I have watched you both through out the years, laugh, cry and grow...
And it is difficult to know, that someday I will have to let you go.

I just can't imagine, a day of my life without you...
Because you're a part of me and my love for you is true.

So just remember, no matter how old you are or where you may be...
There's someone who needs you and loves you and that someone is me!

Skyler and Ryan, Skyler and her dad, Skyler as a big sister to Adam.
Ryan and Skyler, Skyler and Christmas.

My beautiful granddaughter Skyler!


Lynda said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Your granddaughter looks beautiful.
~ Lynda

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Love For My Daughters - Daughter Poetry on Family Friend Poems