Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I sure never thought I would not write for such a long time. A lot has been happening at the Godfrey House.

I have very bad knees and it keeps me from enjoying life like I want to. About a year ago I went to a surgeon only to be told they could do nothing for my right knee because it is fused. They wanted to do the other one but in my heart I knew that would not work because I can never count on the right knee to ever bend and it would be of no help, On top of that was the matter of my very bad teeth. We had been without insurance after the mold for 2 years and with that was a problem the toxins had caused that made teeth decay and break quickly. This past year I had oral surgery and had 6 teeth removed and other work done. So that was past me.

Two weeks I could not stand the pain anymore. I was in a Hancock’s to get a few items and could hardly walk with the cart. A lady asked me if my knees are bad and when I told her they were she told me how bad hers had been. She is now running with her grandkids and playing. She told me to explore Piedmont Hospital with is about 5 minutes away from me. Our Atlanta Braves call it their hospital and that means good orthopedic doctors. So I called and they suggested a Dr, McDonald. I could see him Monday. They wanted John to be with me and he had off for that visit. I liked him right away. I also learned that knee was not fused but the muscles were holding it from moving. He showed John close up and said that had to be the knee they did first. Today they called and set the surgery date for May 7th in the morning. I have to go this Monday for instructions from him (and his son will assist). Than I have to go over to the hospital for all the tests they must run.
Here is a photo of Dr McDonald
This is his son:

I will be receiving a total knee replacement.
Look at the “Total Knee Replacement (Wright)

I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am so sick of pain and dragging this leg. But I also hate the thought of more pain. I ask that each of you pray for me. I am at peace about doing this and feel he is the right doctor. I have a lot of living I want to do and grandkids to play with and places to visit. That gives me courage.

I think over the next month I will make this a look into what it is all about and I hope each of you will come on this journey with me.

Please pray that John will do well with this extra pressure too. He is excited and behind me 100%. I will be in good hands with his care.

God gives doctors a wealth of knowledge and I believe talent and I am thankful for that. I do not do well on medicine and ask for your prayer in this area also. The big complication seems to be blood clots so please pray about this also.

I am getting together some stitching projects so all I need is in a shoebox and I can have them by my recliner. I also need to find some good books to. I have not been watching much TV and so I do not want to pass the time watching mindless shows.
This sure will be a new chapter in my life and about 6 months down the road I will be doing the left knee….


Lady Why said...

Hi Donna,

I came to read about your surgery from the Lily List. My mom had a knee replacement surgery several years ago and it was the best thing she ever did! She also had debilitating pain and she is now back to full use of knee. The only thing she can't do is crawl around on the floor on her hands and knees... not that she has much call to do that! Ha!

I'll be praying for you and I pray that you will be as thrilled with the results as my mom has been!

In Him,
Angie in AL (from the Lily List)

zetor said...

Prayers for a quick recovery. It will make such a difference I'm sure.

deborah said...

I am praying.. and need your address again!

coral-seas said...

Hi Donna

Best wishes for the coming operation, I hope that this relieves you of pain at the very least.

Thank you for visiting Wilbur's World, I just found your comment. I don't usually get comments there so didn't look for it. Thank you.