Friday, March 7, 2008


No sofa? No chair? What is up?

Look what God did again? For you that have been with us through the loss of all our things from the mold and toxins you remember how hard it was to be without these things. Than God began to give us far more than we could ever have dreamed about. I was happy with what was here but He had other plans. Yesterday we were able to give that white sofa and chair to our friends. They came and got it and the end tables and lamps. In turn they took the washer and dryer mom left for Ryan to him. He was so happy. Than my DH tried to bring these sofas up the elevator and they would not fit. He was frustrated. His boss said today they would make it up and they did after taking apart some of the elevator. They are so comfortable! Talk about quality....I am just speechless at how God gives back to us.
They are redoing the club house and did not want these nor some more blessings that come up this week-end. This is one of the perks of John's job and he was just given these. The coffee table that goes with these is just wonderful! I will take pictures when John is finished with the decorating. He loves doing that and I love to allow him to.
Some of you may be in bad times, may have lost your belongings like we did, may be discouraged but I am here to tell you that in God's timing they will come back to you 10 fold.
I remember wanting to be normal for just one day. (who knows what normal is?) We were living like sardines with my parents, sick and without a job, home or insurance. I was at a all time low. When I decided to allow God to work at his pace and when we decided to drop out of a class action suit I began to see God at work in the restoration of our bodies, minds and with what we needed to live. Things are just things but some are precious to us and I believe that is just fine. But we must remember they are not "ours" but all we own is really Gods. He expects us to take care of what He gives us and to be willing to share the best we have, not what we do not care for or is worn out. We have developed the attitude through this all that if we see a need and we can fill that need than we will do it. Mom and dad left some wonderful things back here and we used some but the beds and some other items went to a contractor that is working here because he had real needs and all they have seems to go to a very sick daughter. It was a blessing to see his joy when my husband told him they were his. And than this blessing was given to us!
Never give up...we have a God who delights in our joy. We were without for almost 2 years but each thing that came our way I thanked the Father for and also told Him if He wanted me to share these things I was willing to do so. There have been a few times I gave when I wanted to keep but I felt at peace doing it. i just wanted to encourage any of you that are struggling. Hang on and when you think you will fall into darkness He tell us to be grateful for what we have and have faith is what it is all about!


Amy J said...

Wow Donna! Looks like there's plenty of room for all your "hearts" sisters to come visit! Hee hee!! That set is BEAUTIFUL. God is so amazing, isn't He????


deborah said...

WOW DONNA!! What a blessing! I'm so happy to see God raining down such wonderful blessings upon you!