Friday, March 28, 2008


Do you remember how much fun it was to create a perfect mud pie. You wanted "clean" dirt that was not full of pebbles and sticks. If they were there you could not turn out a perfect one because they would fall apart. I remember playing house with our dolls outside and using a tuna can to make these perfect mud creations. We would often pick a dandelion or wild violets to decorate the mud creation.

I see value in child's create a mud pie for the tea party with the dolls or other things we created with acorns and flowers and leaves in the fall. Not to mention the snow forts in the winter months. Mom never yelled at me for getting my hands dirty or my play clothes. We lived in a farm and that was all in a days work.

What it taught me was it was a good thing to be creative. We had no TV and so play was so much a part of our lives. I remember taking the old Sears Catalog and making paper dolls with a class mate and grandma giving us bits of lace and tiny buttons to dress our creations up with or allow us to glue fabric on index cards and cut out that for clothes. She would smile because she knew we were learning colors and skills that would be valuable to us.

But let me submit was more than that. We were children and most children are very creative. I believe we were allowed to be this creative because it was important to have a hobby. This is a word that I fear is is in danger of disappearing from our vocabulary. A hobby really helps a child explore "their" own personal interests and abilities. A child that has been allowed to develop hands on skills and are seldom bored. If a child is not allowed to be creative in play they will depend on TV and video games. A hobby is a gift we give our children.

I was taught needle work and I believe it is good for boys to learn some also. Somebody has to sew buttons back on their shirts and why should they not know how to do it. A boy needs to use a sewing machine to fix a seam and to help his wife know how to set tensions. They mad decide to go from simple sewing to lacing leather products and he well may move on to knowing how to tie his own flies for fly fishing. He may love to make costumes and get into the arts. It is important we allow them to be creative young so they know what they like to do.

I watched my mom and grandma and all around me sew clothes and I wanted to try and I got a chance to make a doll dress or blanket. I remember grandma teaching me to crochet and put a yarn fringe around 2 wash clothes for a pillow. Actually grandma had a niece named Ruth and she had a friend named Beaty and that woman was creative and taught us many fun crafts. During all this time I was storing up instructions to do embroidery, quilting and my passion
crazy quilting. When counted cross stitch came out I knew I could pick it up and I did because they taught me to be confident in new challenges that may lead to a new hobby. As a young woman I had a craft store and could teach about anything I sold. I was sure and knew I could pass on the hobby to new folks as my family passed on to me.

Look at your kids today or your grand kids or neighbors kids and decide they have the right to develop being creative. Get down with them and play and if you don't feel inspired play with a child and you will. Make a dandelion chain or a necklace with gum wrappers and see if you don't remember doing that as a child. Make instruments and play music. Get them in the kitchen and make some wonderful play dough and than sit down with them and create. Get that doll house you always wanted to put together and make it a family project and see if someone does not develop into a interior designer or furniture maker. Often childhood is where these things take hold and all we have to do is nurture it and praise them and play with them.

I leave you with these thoughts and I did not pen them an unknown author did and I have it in my journal....

"A creative hobby can produce
A contented child who is comfortable working independently.
A productive child who has things he wants to do.
A self-confident child who knows she can do something and do it well.
A child who carries on the tradition of heirlooms made by creative hands."

The extra benefit is you will have a child who enjoys staying at home and is content.

I have plenty of sites I can share with you all about starting your kids on a creative journey if you want them......just leave a comment and tomorrow I will post them.

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