Saturday, March 22, 2008


Time sure does fly. I kept wanting to write in the blog but the change of Furniture made me know I had to do some Spring Cleaning. That sure felt good. It does look great around here. At the office they gave John these 2 paintings and we switched things around so we could enjoy them. I love art and both of these paintings have such depth to them. The one sure makes me feel I am in Venice…. would that not be fun to be going down that canal? One sure can dream.

I feel like I had an good sinus infection too and that has be stay rather quiet but today I felt some better. We went to see my husband’s aunt and uncle and got to see a few of his cousins and that made this holiday special to us. We have no family coming this tear. John asked for Biscuits (homemade) with bacon and egg for breakfast or brunch. He is on call. For the late afternoon he wanted Seafood Newberg on Puffed Pastry shells and a nice salad. We will watch our former church in Florida on line as the service happens. We both love doing that. It is Northland. Here is the site:

I was remembering Easter when I was a child. I remember one sunrise service on our front yard. We lived on a hill and across the street was simply a beautiful view of rolling farmlands and of course the sun rose over that. It was a cold day but so meaningful to a young lady. I felt the miracle of Jesus rising and being alive for the first time in my life.
Tears rolled down my face as I knew that I knew He died for my sins. What a price to pay!

We did not really believe in Easter dresses and all of that. There was always a school Spring/Easter Chorus Program and for that my mother would make me a new dress. The one I remember was a lot of work to her. We were required to wear capes and she took the time to scallop the cape in the front. It was a beautiful pink fabric with shiny threads in it. I felt so special. This was the dress I wore again for Easter.

Really as Mennonites we only celebrated Jesus during the Easter Season. I remember getting a chocolate cross and maybe a crocheted cross bookmark and a book. We went to grandmas or the Aunties for dinner. I remember ham, green beans, spring peas, fresh asparagus, parsley potatoes, potato salad or macaroni salad, red beet eggs, deviled eggs, pickles that had been canned, spiced apple rings; celery stuffed with peanut butter…what a feast! Than we would end the meal with daffodil cake, Rhubarb pie, another pie or cake and homemade ice cream and strawberry topping. At grandma’s we would have her homemade opera fudge candy and peanut butter eggs or coconut eggs.

I remember gathering around the organ at grandmas or the piano at the Aunties and singing Easter Hymns together. It was pure worship to me on. I sure would love to do that one time again.

I hope and pray you all will have a wonderful Easter and would really celebrate the risen Lord!

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