Sunday, March 23, 2008


This young lady is indeed one of my “life heroes”. Sue came into my life as a teen girl.. I met her when I was a leader along with a few others in the youth group at our Mennonite Church called People’s Chapel in South Florida.

I knew she was a special girl as soon as I met her. She was living in very primitive conditions but had such energy and vitality. It was clear that she also was a very intelligent young lady. Her father’s family was from Russian and Mennonite. His intelligence also is remarkable.

Sue is one of 6 kids and the oldest. I remember her as a normal teen, a second mom to her siblings and a mind that was always learning. She made friends so easily. Her senior year was also he first year of college courses and that fall she went to Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

One thing I could always count on was she was coming back to see me at Mother’s Day even if she had to hitch hike. It was a treasure to me as a young mother. She spent time with us as a family at Lake Placid over the summer. I looked forward to her bringing folks along from college or they would stop to see me as they traveled to the keys to Scuba dive. As time went on this young lady came to be a daughter, a sister and best friend all rolled into one. I could depend on her and she also became a second mother and sister to Nicole. How Nicole loved when she would come for a visit and invite her to go home to Sarasota with her for several days or a week.

When we moved to North Florida for a bit over a year she moved in with us so she could take some courses at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She still wanted to be a doctor. We had many good times there and she was fun to learn with. We did cross stitch, made baskets, which she taught me to do, and was a passion of mine for a long time. Of course we lived at a place we could pull grape vines down all day long and form then to be the skeleton for a basket or weave the whole basket from the vines. Sue was also a seamstress and sewed her own clothes. I think by this time she had been to Europe 2 times. She really could write a book on traveling on a shoe string, carrying little with her and simply seeing the world.

I went to Salem, Oregon after my divorce with the 3 kids to Youth With a Mission I met John and we married…. you got it she showed up there to spend Christmas with us and just to be family. I think she went to snow ski also. I need to mention here that Sue had quite a cleaning business with her mom and sometimes a sister. She was well on the way to paying off her college debt. I so admired her ethics. My dad was selling real estate in Sarasota and sold her a sweet small home. When Serena was born she kept kids and did a great job with it. That way she could be in her home and with her daughter. She did a GREAT job raising her daughter. Her faith in God has also been a great inspiration to me.
They would come see us when they could.
Sue has developed in a woman of faith….one of great compassion to all she meets. She is now working with EMS and loves working with people like this. I know if I were in an emergency I would love to have her attending me. I can see her driving an ambulance and being able to see what is needed with a patient when she gets to the scene.

I have not mentioned all she has had to overcome for that is hers to share as she sees fit but allow me to say that most that had to face what she has had to from a small girl would have given up or used it all to be a victim…. not Sue. She has used it all to be a complete woman. Her daughter is now in college and her house paid off. Many of us couples cannot be as frugal as she is and yet be able to travel so many places and give her daughter a look at the world. They traveled to visit her siblings in Australia or wherever they lived. They took friends and went to see friends in their travels.

I want to take this time to celebrate my sister and friend. So often we do not take the time to celebrate the people in our lives that have helped us to become the person we are today. The folks we hang out with mold us and I am so glad I have had this young lady as a inspiration to me…really a rock at time. During my divorce she stepped right in and helped Nicole through the horrible things she faced. I had someone I could trust and unload my pain.

God gave me a special gift when He brought Sue into my life.
Sue, I love you!
By the way, this picture was taken at Nicole's wedding and can't you see why I love her so?

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