Saturday, March 15, 2008


What a week....

It started with all the blessings of the funiture and even since those pictures were taken John brought in new pictures and moved others. As I sit here I marvel at the way God works.

Yesterday started with pure delight as I got ready for a visit from our dear friends from LaGrange. They had helped us so much after we lost all our stuff due to the mold mess. They made sure we had food and helped in so many ways. Her support was a life saver to me many a day when I was deeply depressed. What we ended up with was far more than we could use and they needed a make over and they chose to take our white living room funiture and than we added a lot yesterday. It is exciting when people rejoice with you and this couple sure was over joyed to see our blessings!

As soon as John got home they took us out to celebrate. They wanted to eat Thai and so we went to a place called Virginia Highlands. We had lettuce wraps, Thai Shrimp rolls, and Shanghai Dumplings and they were excellent! Than I had Thai Coconut Chicken Soup and it was so good on a rainy day!We than took them to see a wonderful International bakery called Alons. They decided to buy special desserts and come home to eat them in our new dinning room. Look at these goodies!

We had the first one their, 2 chocolate eclairs, one fruit tart, 1 Baba au Rum, 1Lemon Raspberry Mousse.We divided them in fourths so we all could taste them....what a treat! I would love to be able to make them all.They loaded up with thier treasures and headed home.About an hour later the weather got awful! The winds picked up, hail covered out balcony and the plants were thrown into our windows. We knew a tornado was somewhere down in Atlanta. I am sure you all know that downtown Atlanta was hit hard. It is simply awful but thank God no deaths.
Last night as I lay in bed I thought again about how what God has given us in things are easily taken away by forces of nature. My heart just hurts so much when I know so many people are going to have to face so much. It is a compassion that I have really developed more since the mold. I think we learn so much through the refining times. It is in the darkest hours that we face ourselves and we are forced to either change for the good or become bitter. I know one thing is true...Bitterness kills. It kills our spirit and so ofen hurts the folks we love the most. I remember Grandma telling me that when you are bitter it is the upkeep that costs so much. That sure is true.

Than today was a day of horrible weather all over Georgia....first my Nicole was in harms way and she and Zoe went to her in-laws where Dough was. They lost power and had hail storms and winds. There home did survive and I am thankful for that. Than several hours later we watched a huge Tornado head towards Atlanta again. I did panic. I so hate storms and knowing what happened down town had me scared. The weather man said it was 3 times larger that last night.
I looked at that mass of dark clouds and braced for the worse......But we were spared and it lifted and went South of us. I know 2 were killed in the state today and that is very sad and so many have had their houses and barns and business just taken from them. Remember Georgia tonight in your prayers. So many places that the city counts on are damaged and so many jobs will be in limbo until it is rebuilt. The mayor call a state of emergency and so has our Governor.

Tonight I feel such peace and calm. The storms are over. I thought about the story in the Bible when the seas were raging and Jesus said Peace be still. Somehow that is how I feel. I glanced over at my husband reading and the dog sleeping beside him and I smiled. How good it is to be in a comfortable place with beauty and love around me. I am so very thankful for this time in our lives. It may not always be this way but for now I will enjoy what God has given us. I am looking forward to many evenings like this one. Peace and quiet, except for the music blessed I am.

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