Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The last few days have been devoted to helping mom go through things and slowly pack. She decided she did not want to take all her "good stuff" with them but surprised me by having wonderful treasures for John and myself. She knows I hated losing the things that were grandmas and the aunties.

The picture above is both of my grandparents on their wedding days. The one on the left is dad's parents. He died when dad was very young and so I never met him. Dad and his brother went to live with the Aunties and their sister stayed with their mother who was caring for her parents. I have a very faint memory of this grandma playing with a rubber duck in a washtub with me. She died when I was still a toddler. On that side is a cup and saucer that was her mothers. It does not have a handle and a chip but I love it! Under it is a hand-spun cloth with crochet edging that came with the Kraybill's when they came from Switzerland. It sure is a treasure too. The blue tatted handkerchief is one Grandma Kraybill did.

The other side is my mom's parents and the grandma I speak of so much. The dish and saucer and spoon were some of her most loved treasures. They came from her mom. She had this in her china cabinet and it was something I often asked her to get out and let me see. It is so delicate and perfect.

The fabric in the back is almost like the cushions she made for her porch swing. Mom wanted to make some and I think I may do that and send them to her after she is moved. They will have a lovely screened in porch, which they are sure looking forward to.

I know these are "just things" but they generate memories for me. I love to think about the loving hands that took care when they washed these items and dusted them. I am thankful for the stories that passed down to me from the Aunties and Grandma. I plan to write them down for my kids and grand kids.

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