Monday, February 11, 2008


There was one piece of furniture mom and I did not talk about right away when we knew they were moving. I simply could not because it is a real treasure to both of them. When they moved into the retirement community in Virginia they had this custom made for them/ Mom had loved looking at the crystal in the cabinet from both her mom and also dad parents and the Aunties.

I think we both knew it would be coming here. I knew we had a good corner for it in the dinning room. So on Sunday it made the trip from their apartment to ours. I had washed all the crystal pieces she gave me so the would sparkle. It was fun to put it in the cabinet and now I sit in my chair and enjoy all the family treasures.

It is wonderful to have taken care of such treasures so they could be passed on to the next generation. I am blown away by what people throw away and I want to ask why…we see brand new items with tags in the garbage here…some seem to feel maybe if they set these things by the garbage areas maybe someone will use them. But many just simply throw them away. I was with my husband when he was compacting garbage and we saw awards given to a soldier and man in government and they were tossed.

I don’t hang on to things like I used to. It just seems wrong to me to hoard for a rainy day when someone could use it right now. Here I am not talking about family treasures but the things we think we may fit into again, or a dozen more cook books than we could ever use, kitchen things we may have used 2 years ago but not since. These things become a weight we carry around.

What I do treasure is when mom could say, “That was daddy’s parents” and it makes it so something I want to remember and pass on to my kids or grandkids. Do you see the wooden piece of the next piece of funiture? Mom used this almost daily when she was a kid. Do you know what it is? Leave your answers in the comments

Yes, this corner cabinet is a very special gift that mom and dad gave us. It is a gift from the heart and that makes it a comforting piece of furniture. It is solid oak and I sit here and know that my parent’s love is as sound and strong as the oak tree it came from. What more could a daughter ask for?


Amy J said...

Oh wow! That's beautiful!!

Holly said...


Is the wooden piece next to the china cabinet a dry sink?


Rogue Saints said...
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deborah said...

very pretty