Thursday, January 24, 2008


I simply love the days I have my youngest grandchild.......Zoe.

She is almost 3 and such a delightful child. Her eyes dance as she tells you something, her hand motions tell a story and all in all she is the most animated child I have had spending time with me.

Yesterday she was full of fun. We had a tea party. Her porcelain tea pot held ginger ale. We set a place mat on the coffee table and each of us had a bright cup and she poured us our "tea" with the greatest of ease. I had made us some dainty peanut butter sandwiches with the crusts "peeled off" as she says it. We talked about her baby doll which joined us and her favorite stuffed animal an floppy elephant. She told me about her friends from the "mommy group" and they were going to see the fire engines.

We read after that. She loves a nursery rhyme book I found at Goodwill that has flaps. So we read that several times and a nature book that also has flaps. If you have a Goodwill close to you check out the children's books. I have fond many almost new that are great quality but the most I pay is $1.50 each.

Zoe loves some children's TV programs on PBS but she wants me in the same room and so I took the time to catch up on blogs and email. But she often wants to talk about what she sees so I really am multi tasking but loving it.

As a grandma or "Nana" as she calls me, I know I have time to really play and teach my grandchild. We look at old pictures of my grandma and Aunties and I tell her who they are and what fun things I did with them. When I cook I love to put her on the counter and allow her to cook with me. My grandma did that with me, my mom with my girls and now I do it with Zoe.
I have started her a book of favorite recipes and why we like them and the stories of those that shared them with me. I want to make memories with her.

Some of you may not have had a grandma that did this with you all but you as a grandparent can change that and give this generation a rich heritage. We owe that to our family. I think so many of us go from one thing to the next and forget that we are in some occasions a Grandma and we need to take advantage of this. My air with the tea parties we have is to take her and her mother to a tea room have have a proper tea. I am teaching her how to hold the cup, how to stir in the sugar without clanking the spoon on the cups. I want her to use the napkin properly. But we do all of this in a way it is fun.

Yesterday I began teaching her the rhyme my Aunt Emily taught each of us grand nieces.....

Please, Thank-you and excuse me are the nicest words to say
to mommy and to daddy for what they do for me each day.
Please may I have a glass of milk? Than thank-you I will say
Now excuse me mother dear, for it time to go and play.

We have this as a secret until she knows it all than we will have a tea party with her mom and Zoe will recite it. The picture above is her saying it back to me..... We are doing parts of this unit and I love teaching her! Teaching manners is very important in a child's life and I have her moms OK to work on these. A well mannered child is always a delight!

I love this gift from God....don't you just want to squeeze her?

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