Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome to my Ramblings....


AUNT EMILY, the youngest of the 3 Aunties

Maybe I will tell you a bit about myself. My other blog called "Stitching in Atlanta" will show my love for stitching. This one I will use to tell you about me, my thoughts and my love for cooking. I am a proud grandma and so you might meet my precious grand kids.

I was raised in Lancaster County, Pa. I am adopted and was adopted by a Mennonite couple. We lived on a small farm. We raised chickens and we had up to 5000. We would raise them from peeps to laying hens. So I have cleaned my share of barns, tended the chicks and gathering and graded many a egg. In addition to that we had 3 acres of asparagus, a strawberry patch and large garden. We put up most of our food and so summer was a very busy time.

I attended Mennonite School all my 12 years. First at a school called Kraybill's Mennonite and than Lancaster Mennonite High School.

I am thankful for my Mennonite heritage. We had time to visit, to work together, worship together and enjoy nature. You see we had no TV to entertain us. We sang together, prayed together, played together and cried together. It was a strong foundation for me.

The folks that were my mentors were my grandma, my 3 "Aunties" that raised my dad and his brother and a wonderful school teacher I had from grades 1-4, Mrs Murphy. These 5 ladies showed me what strength and faith were all about and I still myself missing them. I am sure you will meet these in my posts.

I have 3 children. My 2 daughters are married. The oldest has 3 kids....Skyler, Adam and Will. They live 1-1/2 hours south west of Atlanta. The other has one precious child, Zoe who I keep several days a week. She is 2-1/2 and my pride and joy! Our son lives with his girlfriend and is struggling with life but doing better for which I praise the Lord.

I am limited to what I do. I have bad knees and one is fused and the other in bad shape. We were without insurance for several years when I should have had replacements. Now it is not an option because I have my 83 and 87 year old parents here at the complex where we live and they need help. There health is failing.

My precious husband is in maintenance and he works where we live.

I never have lived in the city like this and I do enjoy it. One great thing is a tank of gas will last for 4-6 weeks and with the price of gas that is a plus. We are on the top floor and so we do have a nice view of the courtyard and the high rises around us. It is pretty at night. But how I miss nature and being out. Our favorite place is Helen, Ga. Not the shops but the mountains and state parks. My husband loves to take pictures.

The picture on the header here is one he took in Florida. It is a special photo to me.

I hope you will enjoy reading my ramblings. I keep a Gratitude Journal and from time to time I will share that with you all to as well as favorite recipes.

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Lady Dorothy said...

Yea! Another blog! I look forward to all your "ramblings". You know I have a special email folder called "Ramblings" just for those you've sent my way.