Monday, January 21, 2008

Triple Trouble!

There you have triple trouble! It was Nicole's wedding 3 years ago. John snapped this for me because to get all 3 together seems almost impossible. They were in rare form that day.
I look at the 3 and I think of their strengths. I think as a parent we need to tell our kids what we see as a strength no matter how old they are. Too many times I hear people complaining about their kids bad traits.
Crystal is the oldest.....she has 3 kids. Skyer is the oldest and will be graduating this year and will be heading off to college this fall. Adam is really into wrestling and wins a lot of his matches. Will is simply a happy child. As I watch Crystal I see she is a loving mom that will works 2 jobs to keep them in the things the kids love to do. She is a social butterfly and a good and loyal friend.
Her work ethics are great and she gives it 150%. She likes to cook and is a great cook. She has her mother's love of cook books. I worry she doesn't take enough time for herself. I am thankful for Crystal.
Nicole always waned to be a mother and she loves being one. Her time is spent making sure Zoe has whatever she needs. She loves taking her to classes and Zoe is indeed flourishing! Nicole also has a great work ethic and is a wonderful asset to the law office she works at. I am proud of the wife she is also. She is a bright and loving mom and wife and also gives 150% to anything she does. She does so much for the local MOMS Group and makes sure they have the activities for the kids and mom's night out for the mothers. She also is doing a great job with the cooking and that makes a Mother's heart sing!
Ryan is one active man.......he just learned to weld and does a great job with it. He loves his dog and has trained Bella and spends a lot of time with her. She is a small Jack Russell. He is loyal to his girl friend and I expect a wedding in the next year or so. He is my baseball boy and an awesome hockey player.My memories of both sports are rich because he sure loved playing. One of Ryan's strengths is his compassion. He is a chip off the block in that area.....both John and I have compassion for all. He also is able to read people and very protective if he thinks someone is not trust worthy. He has worked hard on his character traits and I am so thankful for that!
Yes, as parents and grandparents we are blessed and I thank God for these 3 kids! If your kids are still home just treasure the time you have with memories with them....teach them....pray for them.....and remember they will soon be out of the home and on their own.....give them the tools they need and allow them to fly!

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