Friday, January 25, 2008


Lancaster, Pa.
I have debated if I really want this picture out in computer world but the fact of the matter is this is how I looked for many years of my life. You can see the edge of my prayer "covering" as we called it. I laughed when I looked at my hair and saw the little waves....we spent so much time trying to make ourselves not look so plain. How my grandma hated me doing this because she liked it pulled straight back and all up in a bun under the covering. We had to do that for school.
Our sleeves had to cover our elbows......I have got to tell you all this one......we were in Prayer group in the dorm and the matrons were telling us why we had to do all these things with our dress. They were sincere and than they said a young man had gone to the dean because he wanted the elbows of the girls covered and do you know why? The young man said it was the sexiest part of the body. The laughter that followed was awful and we were dismissed but not without a lecture......the answer that put us in such a fit was a comment one of my friends made. She said "good we can all wear patches on our elbows and go naked". I can still see the red creeping up on one of the matrons faces....she was so mad. We were so bad.......

Growing up I accepted I had to dress in a certain way. I knew that as long as I was at home it had to be that way. I loved sport and we lived in a neighborhood full of boys and I love to play tackle football, loved to ice skate and really basketball was my favorite. Dresses were way too hard to play with and I hated the comments I had to listen to from the boys when my dress would blow up or I had made a tackle. I hated cold legs when I skated. I hated sledding with tights and boots. Why could I not wear pants that kept me warm....why? If I asked I was told the church made the rules and therefore I must follow them. I wanted to know why so many things had to be so hard but there never seemed to be a good answer.

I think looking back I was quite, I was rebellious. I always pushed the envelope. I always asked way too many questions. I wanted to change things. Now I had a side that was so full of compassion and longing to help the underdog. I wanted to be a social worker.

In the beginning of my senior year during our revival meetings at Chapel I saw I needed to really dedicate my life to the Lord. I can say that the rebellious girl turned into a young woman that wanted to serve the Lord. My Uncle and Aunt were working with farm workers in South Florida and through our trips to visit them I had a longing to serve these precious people.

Life took some more bumps but I did get to work with farm workers and it was one of the best times in my life. We lived in a building with others and ran a day care from early in the morning till late during the growing season. I met so many wonderful people that had so few possessions but were rich in family and really knew how to make memories and enjoy what they had. I will have to share some of these folks with you all some day.

I am so thankful for the heritage I have.....for the emphasis that was placed on God, to memorize His Word, to enjoy family and to treasure friends. We lived a simple life but it was a peaceful life. I may not have understood some of the rules and regulations of the church but looking back I see that this paved the way for me to have a deep desire to seek God and to read and study His Word......I like to dig deep and journal my feeling and thoughts. I always welcome anybody that comes into my life to ask questions and to seek their answers through prayer and Bible reading. I know the Lord made us and He alone has the answers for us in raising children, in our married lives, in the way we treat people, how we react in the trials of life. We must be willing to sit still and wait for Him. We need to listen. I read words man writes and at times I get so confused than I think back and remember grandma saying, "Donna, God is never the author of confusion. Put the books aside and get in your prayer closet and pray. The answers will come." You know when I do that I do know what God wants me to do........


Amy J said...

I love this post!!! I am going to share a link with my Mom, as I know she will immensely enjoy your "ramblings" as much as I do. Though I did have to stop for a minute when I realized you GRADUATED the year I was BORN!! Love ya anyway! Hee hee!!! Love the picture too....they would have been hard-pressed to get my hair all pulled back tightly!! :)
Blessings dear friend!

Destination...Gloryland! said...

That is precious Donna. I grew up in the Lutheran church, was in Charismatic circles for some time and now relate most to Mennonite/Anabaptist theology. I value things that I gleaned from those places where I have been and there are things that I view highly from where I am now. God is good. I am so thankful for the diverse bride of Christ.

Lady Dorothy said...

Thank you for sharing your picture! I enjoyed the funny (way too funny) and the serious parts of this post.

Gombojav Tribe said...

I'm glad you were bold enough to put up that picture! It's wonderful!!

Daja, off to find some elbow patches for these sexy elbows.

Melissa said...

I'm so happy to have "met" you, thank you for sharing! It's so refreshing to meet others who love the Lord. I was in eighth grade when I made the decision I was going to serve God not because of my family but because I wanted a relationship with Him myself.