Monday, January 28, 2008


City life is quite the life. I always had bird to watch and we always had trees around us for squirrels. Life gives us changes and we have to be able to go with the changes and flourish. When we were told we were being transferred to this new property I was really scared. All I could think about was crime, dirty streets, noise and no nature. I really was afraid of Atlanta traffic. But after a few days of fear I asked the Lord to give me the ability to see the good sides of the city. You all know that when you ask for something like this it will happen. My attitude turned around and I soon was filled with another adventure for us.

These two pictures are taken from our balcony. It is what we see everyday. I included both because the city takes on quite a difference feel in the night. It sparkles. In some ways when the business life is mostly over for the day the city comes alive. It had a feeling of excitement and on the other side is tranquility. The city really has so many sides. It has a rich life and I believe the good out weights the bad.

We use a tank of gas every 6-8 weeks. Two grocery stores are about 1/2 mile away beside each other. Trader Joe's is about 2 miles away as is Whole Foods. The drug store is less than a mile away also. So we really are centered in a area that we rarely have to go beyond. That is a blessing. I find people here are very polite and although they have careers that are demanding they like to chat in the elevator or in the lobby waiting for the elevator and when we have parties for the residents these are really fun and I have met so many interesting people. They are upbeat.

I do not know how long we will be here but I am enjoying each minute and all the daily changes in our community.

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